Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Professionals - Fritha Vincent

I have decided to start a new series on Lentil and the Mint titled Professionals. It will be Q+As with people with interesting jobs. As a stay at home mum I do occasionally sigh when I hear of some cutting edge business deal a friend is brokering or a promotion an ex colleague has got or, most often, the swanky client lunch at Chez Bruce! For me staying at home with my kids when they are very little is the right choice but it has not always been easy - there are a lot of shouda, woulda, couldas as I am in no doubt a working parent feels too. It seems someone loses out on something whatever they choose. So now I have become a right nosey parker firing hundreds of questions at people I meet about what they do, why and how they got there. Other people's jobs sound fascinating! My first Q+A of the series is with my great friend Fritha - she is a constant inspiration to me. She could teach us all a lot with her extreme energy and positivity.

                                                                 Fritha Vincent is the creator and managing 
                                                                 director of Believe YOU can make a difference. 
                                                                 She is now working on an amazing new 
                                                                 Secret Pillow Project designed to 
                                                                 empower women around the world.

Where does the name Fritha come from?
A book called The Snowgoose about the evacuation of Dunkirk in the Second World War.

Where do you live?
I am currently based in South London

Favourite Cocktail?
I don't mind which as long as it is made by a confident bar person who knows what they are doing I cant bear watching them make it when they are nervous, can you?

Go to film?
Erin Brockovich

Beach or Snow?

Curry or Roast?
Roast - I love the Sunday morning preparations, the chatter afterwards over cheese and coffee followed by a dog walk on Tooting Common.

Dogs or Cats?
Both give me immense joy. The best dog in the world in called Digger and the best cats that ever lived on our planet were called Everyone and SpaceCat.

What does Believe YOU can make a difference do?
Believe YOU can make a difference is a company that offers fundraising and management services to small charities and works with individuals who dream of a better world through 1 to 1 performance coaching and workshops.

How did you get to where you are with Believe YOU can make a difference?
Through deep commitment,  hard work, optimism and being able to take advice and accept help from people.

What is the Secret Pillow Project?
A secret pillow is a charming blanket that folds into a pillow. The project travels the world running workshops to women's groups teaching how to make them. The project shares secrets of entrepreneurism with women worldwide and unfolds their confidence and independence through making and selling.

How does it work?
The project gives a loan to each woman so they can buy the materials they need make secret pillows so they can sell them to customers worldwide. By making one secret pillow the women can each pay back their loan and buy more materials. They receive an excellent profit margin and because getting involved is low risk the women feel confident taking part. Secret pillow producers in India have said that they feel like entrepreneurs and celebrate Secret Pillow Project for beginning their journeys to financial independence.

Where are the made?
Currently in India but the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) has just given Secret Pillow Project a grant to travel to Africa to run workshops with women's groups there. The aim is that Secret Pillow will be accessible in any country in the world including the UK.

What 3 words best sum up your Secret Pillow Project?
Charming, powerful, scaleable

Where can I buy one?
You can find out more about the project and pledge money to buy a secret pillow at my Kickstarter page.

Find out more about Believe YOU can make a difference

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