Monday, 17 March 2014


Last weeks pics are little on the dull side I'm afraid. If I had just uploaded one pic of a Calpol bottle that would have summed it up. Both kids got stinking colds and fevers and so most of our time was spent inside slugging on sofas after very restless nights. These were taken while kicking about at home and in a brief escape to a cafe and the park.... got slight cabin fever so planning some more exciting fun for this week!

thank you Wivey Children's Centre for lending Lenny the truck - kept him very happy..... lets see how the returning of it goes on Friday?!?!

Mo Bot's new wheels.... great charity find

my breakfast dates

A very over exposed picture - a rather pleasing photographic mistake 

never too ill for a choccy biscuit

spot the boy not getting enough attention?!

this is our amazing 'hide and seek' tree at the park

lazy parenting

1st time in the swing - he is just edible


sunset on the farm

the raybans 1st outing of the year

cross country

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