Sunday, 23 March 2014


I'm stuffed. Still. Today saw Sunday roast lamb and all the trimmings and apple crumble and ice cream with friends.... in fact, it was quite a gluttonous week all round as we went to a 70's fondue party last night where we feasted on enormous amounts of cheese and drank too much red wine. Next week, cleanse. I always say that..... All the food and drink has blocked my memory and I cannot think of anything else we did (?!) but we did pop up to our local wood and stock up on wild garlic to make pots of pesto and soup for the freezer. Homemade garlic goods are great, the smell of garlic still lingering in my car, not so great.

bed head

flying angel
chatting with me Mo Bot


there it is

destined for the pot
squishy kiss

mummy help me....

Lenny's loves his bud Indi



please let me find the pot of gold

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