Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Patriotic Baby Boom......

Everywhere we turn at the moment people are either popping out littl'uns or announcing pregnancies. It's a happy baby boom in our camp - hardly surprising given our age I guess (35 yikes!) This means I am forever hunting for kiddy pressies - I believe you should give friends pretty things they would not buy themselves as they have to spend those extra pennies on sterilisers, nappies or baby monitors (SNORE) I also think if you want to source unusual, handmade treasures keep to the UK. We have the talent and should support our own where we can. Here are six of my best shops.... all products made right here in Blighty..... feel proud people, feel proud.

1. Wild Things Funky Little Dresses 2. Sally Nencini 3. The Button Tree 4. Lula Handmade 5. Sue Hill 6. Hop and Peck

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