Thursday, 17 October 2013

An Autumnal Spring Clean.....

Autumn's finally here. The havaianas have been shelved and the half empty suncream bottles stored with the 7 others, dating from 1997, under the sink. Now its all about wellies and raincoats, fires and a wee nip of sherry. New seasons always make me reflective. I yearn for new beginnings, new goals and new love for old, discarded activities. I have a long list of things I want to achieve by Winter - in truth, too long. It would be darned tricky to undertake all of them if I did not have two small boys wanting this, that and the other but as it is, impossible. However, enough of this defeatest attitude...... this is what I will be filling my spare (uch um) time with this 'fall'.......

- Watch all those classic films I am ashamed to admit I have not seen - no 1, Annie Hall
- Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. I have a huge stack of unread books beside my bed now is the time to tackle them.
- Visit more South West landmarks we have never been to - The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a priority.
- Make Sunday roasts with family and friends a priority. All the trimmings and crumble with custard washed down with a strong claret.
- Start swimming again. I am lucky enough to have a swimP3 player so I plan to download all the Radio 4 podcasts I have missed and dust off that crawl.
- Continue my music journey - try to listen to at least 1 band/ artist I have not heard before. This week, embarassing to admit, was Fats Waller - amazing!
- Make the boys some toys. I love hand made stuffed toys and spend a fortune on that linen cheetah or those screen printed fish but I am sure I could give it a go myself (????!!!!??!)
- Give brown hair a try (will I end up looking like her?!?!)
- Beg my great friend Fritha to re install my knitting lessons.
- Add to my sheepskin collection and wear pretty much nothing but. My family think this fetish is very odd and slightly dodgey.
- Sit down and write all the thank you letters I owe. Some are 3 months late - but better late than never right?
- Its all about box sets. I am sick of having to remain dumb during the Breaking Bad phenomenon - Walter White, welcome.
- Phone my friends more. I am a terrible communicator on the phone but need to keep in touch way more so improvement essential.
- Visit more galleries. The National Portrait gallery in London has the Taylor Wessing Photographic Exhibition coming up - it is always breath taking.
- Make more time for Rupert and I.
- Organise the boys books. They are threatening to drown us.
- Begin the long haul to lose this baby weight. There is only so long you can blame the baby!
- Carve pumpkins for halloween. Havent done it for years and I have some spooooky designs in mind.

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