Saturday, 5 October 2013

Marbling with shaving foam.......

This activity is messy. There is no avoiding it - foam, paint, glitter everywhere. However my toddler loved it, I thought if was fantastic and what is a washing machine for anyway?! I did it outside (thank goodness) which I would highly recommend - messy play should be exactly that and if you are constantly fretting about the carpet it will be zero fun.

You can use any colours you like but we chose Autumn shades to make leaves which we had been spotting this week - well, in truth I had been spotting to earnestly explain the seasons and why trees drop their leaves etc...... Lenny completely ignored me and just kicked them in puddles…..

All you need is a can of shaving foam, a flat tray, red and yellow paint, paper, scissors and some gold glitter (we did not have gold so used blue!).

- Spray the foam onto the tray 
- Add yellow and red paint and mix it by hand
- place paper on top of the marbled mixture and peel it off
- Scrape off any thick foamy excess and let the paper dry 
- Cut leaf shapes out of it

It really is that simple and teaches children sensory investigation, mark-making, print making, colour mixing……. well, thats the theory anyway……. I just like the way shaving foam feels when you squeeze it through your fingers - Squiiiiiidgyyyyyyyy.

To be honest I think Lenny agreed with me - he spread the foamy mess all over his face, arms and hair but hey ho, he did it with a smile.

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