Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday's Snapshots

A good week on the whole..... we have been hairing around the place of late and needed some good old fashioned home-time so we have spent our week hanging out as a family enjoying lots of food, sofa time and walking - it has been fab but means I have been a bit slack on the blog so next week I will pull my socks up!

bathtime with dad

baby scarf

Autumn on the Quantocks

Athena poster

This boy will turn into an apple

um mum - there's an anteater stealing my juice


checking the markets 

buggy zzz's

Maurice is looking massive all of a sudden!

been a baby is ace - eat, cuddle, sleep...

Bath alphabet



walkers - well, one walker and one carrier

Our family Sunday roast Sunday supper - I love these....

Listening to choons in mi tipee

the only good thing about this much rain

lets go fly a kite

the Maurice dancer maurie mint

Movie night - Argo - awesome.

cool tree



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