Sunday, 20 October 2013

Snapshots..... feeling lucky......

This week has been tough. Rupert has been working in London and on a stag do in Ireland so I have had the boys on my own and all I can say is I take my hat off to single parents - you are incredible. I floundered on day 2 and retreated back to my mum and dads to get some grandparent help and thank the good lord I did as Lenny ended up with a tummy bug which included six nightly wake ups with sheets/ clothes/ hair all being covered in puke (sorry, TMI?!) and the Mo man is still waking three times for milk so all in all if it had not been for Granny I would have not slept at all!!!! Basically I feel lucky. Granny and Grandpa always come happily to my rescue but day to day we need Daddy back in this house because we cannot tick without you! Hurry home……

Anyhoo that's why the pics round up this week is a bit thin…… and apologies to beautiful Maurice who is not represented nearly enough as it's hard to snap a baby permanently strapped to you in the BabyBjorn!!

Are you quite comfy in Granny's chair?!

Hide and seek..... usual.....


Grandpapapapapa - a great story teller

mmmmm a friendly piece on taxidermy in Granny and Grandpa's house - this is, definately, a family heirloom we all remember it at our grandparents house and those before them and those before them.....


a peek of the sun



I'm not sure Pom Bears are suitable for mutts?


Hilda doesn't like to cuddle

Oh, there you are smiley chops Mo!

Trampoline smile

wow Granny and Grandpa's TV is like a cinema!

the beloved tractors

the real Ferguson

happy chappy

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