Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Snapshots..... catching up!

I am so behind on just about everything. The washing is threatening to drown us, the fridge is a barren land, I have about 30 thank you letters to write, the beds are unmade blah blah blah..... hence last weeks Snapshots are following suit and are a couple of days behind! It was a great week. Jam packed with a visit to the zoo, my sister Grace and her husband Alan visiting, lots of playdates but most importantly my little Lenny turned 2! Wow, that couple of years has zoomed by. We had a lovely day. It started very early - 6am, well it was his birthday! - we opened pressies, had pancakes, played with all his new toys and then threw him his 1st party. It was such fun - pizza, cake, prosecco for the ma's and pas's.....I had planned to take lots of cutie shots of him charging around with his chums but it turns out a house filled with 17 children does not leave a lot of time for snapping so I didnt get any! There are a couple of just beforehand but the chaos will have to remain in my memory..... exhausted now but well worth it. This week is all about quiet time and rest.... that's the theory anyway......

This started out as a simple crayon drawing session.....

Then the glue came out.....

Then paint......

and ended with body painting.....

Brown paper packages tied up with string


Gymboree fun and dancing like a leaf at MusikGarten

Balloons - why do we bother with any other toys?!

Zoo keeper

extreme concentration

the very best of pals



The Mint's dummy takes up most of his face!

Rainy walk

Morning tea

Always on the look out for damsels in distress

Ello lizard

Sunbathing Croc


Lenny and Joseph chewing the fat over duck feeding - what a couple of old men.

clip clop

pleading looks, cross dressing pirate, gimp wizard, nee nah


Before the chaos

Party bags

the park

Maple syrup and banana pancakes - a classic birthday brekkie!


Teatime - hooray for pasta!

nice spot for a snack

rugby playing Moomin

hand in hand with Robin

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