Monday, 28 October 2013

DIY T Shirt

I love all the Scandi labels for kids. Smafolk, Ej Sikke Lej, JNY, Mini Rodini..... the list is endless. Their clothes are well designed and stylish yet still playful and fun...... I hear you thinking there must be a BUT coming and you would be right...... BUT, they are very ££. I do buy some in the 70% sales but most of the cool prints do not end up there so remain for evermore in my wish list! Here is the solution - a quick, easy and cheap way to make you own and the bonus is yours will be unique!! Get a plain t-shirt, fabric paint and a rubber stamp* (you can by 100000's of these online or any good craft shop) and hey presto - high end fashion for your kid.

*Rubber stamps are a brilliant craft staple - I have quite a collection that are used for cards / party bags / labels and as most are under £5 they are worth the investment!


1. Insert cardboard underneath the surface you want to print on to.
2. Sponge the paint onto the stamp - go easy as you do not want to overload it as the paint will bleed. If you use a brush its harder to control.
3. Print onto the shirt.
4. When the paint is dry cover the fabric with a clean tea towel and iron on a hot setting.
5. Wash and dry the t shirt.

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