Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bedside Browsing

While I aspire to climbing into bed and settling into 5 or maybe even 10 chapters of War and Peace the reality is I manage about 5 to 10 minutes maximum of reading time before the zzzzzzz's take over. This leaves little room for novels as I only ever get to read 1/2 a chapter at a time which means by the time I get to chapter 6 I have totally forgotten how the book began! So.... I use my time to browse pretty pages. Books you can dip in and out of with precious few words, the odd autobiography that you can take an anacdote at a time or a comic strip you can read in snippets. These are those I have on my bedside table at the moment gathering fodder for the inspiration bank - what do you have on your bedside table? (and I mean books!)

The Willowdale Handlecar by Edward Gorey

A Story Lately Told by Anjelica Huston

Egon Schiele

Weeds and Wild Flowers by ALice Oswald

The Last Resort by Martin Parr

Variety - Nan Goldin

Lucian Freud Portraits

Moomin - the complete comic strip

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  1. very interesting, slightly dubious about the lack of Wolf Hall though! Hows it going?!