Monday, 27 January 2014


Most of these pics were taken at the weekend due to my less than desirable week - enough moaning though this week is going to be great! We had Uncle Matt and Auntie Bego staying this weekend which Lenny loved (as did we obvs!) - Bego is expecting a baby which Lenny finds fascinating and keeps getting mixed up and telling people "Mummy has a baby in her tummy" - this has produced some raised eyebrows and whispers which are WHOLLY unfounded. I'm just about keeping afloat with 2 thank you very much!! Hopefully this blinking HIDEOUS weather is going to cheer up soon and we can go on some outdoor adventures - at this rate we will need to invest in a boat. Seriously.

broom broom

looking good, looking good
Mo Bot

Lenny used to be a fabulously unfussy eater. We are currently going through a "I dont like it" phase with everything. Its very boring. But he will always eat corn on cob.

The Mint woz 'ere

kitchen tennis

I really have perfected the machiato


Mother, The Times editorial has really dumbed down. Can I have the Inde next week please?

recreating an amazing brekka I had in some posh cafe in London a few weeks ago - porridge with toasted almonds, grated apple and honey. Delicious.

Sunday slug out

The Incredible Book eating Boy

Whatch'ya lookin' at?

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