Monday, 20 January 2014


A quiet week last week spent doing our usual classes and groups and hanging out at home. We had one lovely (?!) slug day under duvets watching movies as Lenny had a temperature and cough - he soon bounced back though and I realised I am the worst Florence Nightingale ever. Moany, sick children are grinding to say the least!! I know, I'm mean. We had a very wet walk at the weekend where we had planned a hot dog barbeque in the woods but abandoned that for soup on a tarpaulin blanket! This rain is making me SO depressed. We did have a beautiful sunny day on Sunday though. The sun bought with it much cheerier moods for all and we had a lovely day walking and lunching with friends. A long winey roast while kids made a pear chocolate cake most of which ended up in tummies before it hit the oven but who doesn't love raw cake batter?!

Maurice my dude.

Starting on artistic pursuit early!

Green and Pleasant lands

hiding in the bamboo

jelly makers

he was so proud of this luminous jelly rabbit he asked me to take a picture!

the leopard species has evolved to camouflage perfectly into the Ikea pine environment

licking the bowl

crazy Saturday night at ours spent mapping out a hike across Dartmoor!

sun at last

thank goodness for Ariel

damp picnic

sickly slug

these boots are made for....

loving the rays

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