Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Kick ass Kicks

When I was 14 my mum and I went shopping before the school year started and after we had ticked off the airtex shirts, white socks and other DULL items we turned to footwear and THERE. THEY. WERE. Black Nike Air Max with green and purple ticks. The exact same pair the coolest girl in school slouched about in and she was in the Upper Sixth. I begged my mum with the usual, "they will be perfect for hockey" nonsense but the sales assistant sucked her teeth and told us there was only 1 pair left - it was a size 36. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! My size. It was fate. I LOVED those trainers for the next 4 years until they had one rip too many and fell apart. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say I think of them often, sad though it is. Nowadays I do not wear trainers. My cupboard is all boots, flip flops, sandals and ugg styley things but I am feeling the urge to revisit the humble runner and try to revive those Nike's who were loved and not forgotten. These have all caught my eye:

1. Bolivar £55 - Le Coq Sportif 2. Nike Air Vortex £67 - Office 3. Oniksuka Tiger Colorado Eighty Five £39 Asos 4. Hummel Stadion £43 Rubber Sole 5. 420 £65 - New Balance

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