Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Snapshots

This week = WET. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. However, we are not flooded like many poor folk so I am counting our blessings. We did get out and about a bit though - a few local walks and a couple of indoor activities the highlight of which was a trip to our local zoo Tropiquaria in Watchet. To be honest, it is the oddest place in the world. Out of season there is never anyone there and its located in an old BBC Radio bunker that is beyond gloomy and the collection of animals is, well..... eclectic! However, all this said the boys and I love it and go A LOT (season ticket holders!) This week the poor ostriches, limas and gibbons were flooded so we stuck to the indoor tropical zone and it was amazing - Maurice zoned out with the tropical fish and Lenny hung out with the reptiles even getting to stroke a real life dragon! He has talked of little else since. This week also saw a little New Year lasagne and fizz party although I had too much fizz and forgot the camera, 8 loads of post Christmas washing, coffee and cake in the beautiful Dunster and left over turkey for most of our meals! Next week normality resumes.....


Brave Ru


broom broom

warming hot coffee

Ru got beaten by a 2 year old who has no idea what he was playing..... no joke.


what'choo lookin' at?


new pals


devil expression from a boy making A LOT of noise

who's a pretty boy, who's a pretty boy

do you think they're hungry?

a real dragon

somewhere over the.....

this boy loves to scratch his face - a new cut every day - social services will be round soon!

red sky in the morning shepherds....... oh no, not again......


loves slitherers


soup picnic


getting so big

turkey, veggie, macaroni broth. Everyone in this family loves this soup. It is super cheap and uses up any left over veg/ chicken and the pasta means no need for bread. I will upload the recipe although its pretty obvious!! A great picnic lunch.

Visiting the brassicas to see how they faired in the storm

watching TV with Moomin

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