Monday, 13 January 2014

Sun (mon) day Snapshots

Last week felt like a month. Not on a bad way it just felt like we were rushing all over the place a bit. We headed to London mid week as Rupert was working there. I dropped the boys with their London grandparents and took the kiddy free opportunity to fit in a couple of chores, some light shopping, some not so light eating and dinner with some old school friends who I sadly rarely see but miss hugely. While all this was fabulous the most exciting news is my sister had a baby and I got to see her on her week birthday and geeeeeez what a beauty! The perfect addition to our family - welcome Maud. Of course, like always I was too engrossed in the Big Smoke to take any pictures so these are home days we had either side - playing, very wet garden time, snoozing and eating - hardly rock and roll but if you fancy a peek......


his chums

having a chat with his hanging giraffe

tree climbing

blue skies - RARE!

Sunday slugs


Sunday carving

taking time out of Gymboree

this guy

Thats my name dont wear it out

nap time

greens and reds


Flight 516 will be delayed in take off due as there are 3 elephants and a giraffe on the runway

given up bread for now (urgh) so trying out lots of new lunchtime salads - planning a recipe post later in the week. This is a goody - roasted veg, chickpeas, rocket and pine nuts with a pesto dressing


very soggy leek pulling


thumb sucker

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